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We have servers located in the data centers with the highest availability in Canada, United States and England.

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Host your website and email with a High Availability service, secure technical support 365 days a year.

We offer hosting plans on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Microsoft Exchange. Tailor-made plans backed by 20 years of experience, forget spam problems and email blocking.

Dedicated Servers for high demand and transactional websites, such as databases, e-commerce site hosting, Apps servers.

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Our Advantages

Implementation and delivery in 48 hours maximum

Dedicated IP

Management via control panel, or remote control

Our Hosting Solutions


Dedicated server hosting

Allies of the 7 best data centers in the world to offer the fastest, safest and most economical delivery of dedicated servers adjusted to the requirements of your project.

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  • Implementation and delivery in 48 hours maximum
  • Dedicated IP
  • With management through control panel or remote control depending on the selected operating system
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Shared server hosting

All the functionality of our Dedicated servers put at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost, with the following advantages:

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  • High availability server pre-configured to your requirements
  • Dedicated IP
  • Administration of your virtual server from an access panel
  • All server management resolved and protected by the expert hands of Soluciona, with Firewall, virus / malware scan
  • Monitoring the availability of your services
  • Support in Mexico and in Spanish
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PW Hosting and Corporate eMail Plans

Soluciona has several dedicated servers that allow very complex storage and redundancy scenarios for its services, from hosting for entrepreneurs with the highest availability to the most complex corporate solution that allows, for example, our corporate clients an intelligent hosting solution.

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  • Primary and Secondary DNS Custom Servers
  • Configuration of multiple mail servers for the relay (SMTP) or output of your emails for the use of a pool of IP addresses.
  • Possibility of:
  • Activation and customization of anti SPAM filters
  • Defining filter rules by user or global
  • Generation of distribution lists
  • Integration of third-party services with management of your DNS
  • Dynamic assignment of mail / FTP accounts with disk quota management
  • Archiving email messages
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Hybrid Hosting

Having a Hybrid email allows you to have all the advantages of Microsoft Exchange for users who need to have a collaborative environment such as Senior Executives, Managers, Directors and also have a traditional email, saving licensing costs.

We have the ideal Hosting for your project

More details

Whether you manage your domain, or we register and manage it for you, by hosting your domain on our servers, you have the guarantee that all our Linux platform plans have tools such as:


Statistics, access protection and use in real time

PHP customization

Web file manager

FTP connections



DNS zone editor

IPS Blocking, SSL Protection Leech, ModSecurity

Web Mail


Spam Assassin