We are an IT services company that is in constant search of innovations to achieve better productivity, security and mobility for companies.

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Hardware and Infrastructure

Hardware leasing

IT infrastructure rental for projects with new equipment, backed by the manufacturer and with an option to buy at the end of the term.

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  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Tax deductibility
  • Support and warranty included in equipment
  • Option to purchase at the end of the term

Hardware and software sale

We have strategic alliances with the main technology manufacturers to provide the best prices on a wide variety of computer products.

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  • Consumable products
  • Storage
  • Printers
  • Desktop equipment
  • Laptop y Macbook
  • Server
  • Ipad y Tablets
  • Office furniture

Digital technologies integration

We are an IT company, in constant search of new technologies that help improve productivity, security and comfort in companies.

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  • Automation
  • Home automation
  • APPS development
  • Internet of things
  • Big Data exploitation and mining
  • AI
  • Bots and automation
  • Cloud-based remote work and collaboration
  • Ease of management of technological resources

Office equipment

Our team of consultants will analyze your needs and we will give you the most appropriate cost-benefit recommendations for computer equipment, networks, access controls, IOT mobility, equipment for meeting rooms and automation.

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  • Mobility and sobriety in spaces
  • Innovative equipment
  • Practical solutions
  • IOT systems
  • Connectivity

Voice and Data / CCTV Networks

We develop comprehensive projects of voice and data networks with international standards and certifications, as well as the application of top quality materials that provide a guarantee for your installation. We also provide preventive and corrective maintenance.

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  • Wired network installation / WiFi
  • Switches
  • Data security
  • Biometric recognition
  • Cloud data backup
  • Security cameras
  • Installation of CCTV as a monitoring and security tool
  • Monitor your company from anywhere

Success Stories

  • The project consisted of moving its offices in Mexico. How to connect your entire new network with a category 6a cable, for a total of 66 total nodes, as well as rack, servers, switches, APs, CCTV, biometric control, and Windows licensing. Time of this successful project in a maximum of 15 business days.

  • Regarding the service that your company has given me, I consider that it has been good since they have answered my questions perfectly, in addition they have improved the prices in terms of their competition for supplies and services, they give alternative options which helps me a lot in making decision making. The attention is immediate so I am satisfied with the service they offer.