We are consultants in computer systems, comprehensive solutions such as: Licensing, Cyber Security, Web Development & Marketing and Technology and innovation trends.

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IT Advisers

Software Licenses

We are distributors of the main brands and we are specialists in helping to define the appropriate licensing, it can be for educational areas, small and medium-sized companies, corporations and government use.

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  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Office 365
  • Cisco
  • Zktco
  • Autodesk
  • Poly
  • Others

Cyber Security

We generate comprehensive projects so that computer security within your company is total, this includes infrastructure, computers and over all, your information.

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  • Consulting
  • E-SET
  • DLP

Marketing and Web Development

We have been specialists in web development for more than 20 years, we offer visual designs with great impact and programming that offers great advantage in search engine rankings.

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  • Web sites
  • Micro web sites & LP
  • Paid Serch
  • Organic SEO positioning
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Technological Trends and Innovations

We stay at the forefront with the vision of the digital age that advances and develops every day, we take care of translating it to our clients to generate more productive environments every day, in areas of information management, security, use of Big Data and IOT

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  • Automatizations
  • Home automation
  • Apps development
  • The internet of things
  • Big Data exploitation and mining
  • AI
  • Bots and automation
  • Cloud-based remote work and collaboration
  • Ease of management of technological resources

Success Stories

  • We had the opportunity to work with Soluciona, in a network installation project and CCTV for a corporate building. They guided and supported us from the planning of the project itself, which they developed with great professionalism, fulfilling each point or agreement in the established times. In addition to this project, we work with them as our IT department, as they help us solve a number of incidents.

  • Soluciona through its collaborators and services has been helpful in implementing highly useful computer solutions in our systems. In our opinion, it is a serious, attentive company with a good attitude.