Voice and Data / CCTV Networks

We design, implement and install voice and data networks, as well as surveillance and monitoring networks through security cameras.

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We carry out comprehensive projects for voice and data networks with international standards and certifications, as well as the application of top-quality materials that provide a guarantee for your installation. In addition, we provide preventive and corrective maintenance.

We have CCTV facilities as a monitoring and security tool. Monitor your company from anywhere.

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The best brands

Single supplier

Support and configuration integration

Certified staff

  • Field survey, visit the work, office or space where the installation will be carried out, generating the trajectory plans, cable runs, location of antennas, repeaters, records of each of the nodes, as well as the identification of materials to be use in each case (Charofill, gutters, ducts, grooves in the floor, etcetera), documenting and coordinating with the areas involved, all the electrical, physical and aesthetic requirements that are necessary.
  • Show to management, the options and comparisons of the most profitable ways to equip and solve the connectivity needs of your organization, optimizing materials, labor and equipment according to each budget.
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  • Network equipment, be it wired (indoor, outdoor, heavy duty, high speed 10 Gigabits), wireless with antennas and repeaters according to their applications (roaming, high user density, private networks, types of users such as local or visitors, etcetera).
  • Integration of a computing SITE, be it a very small assigned area where all the equipment must be in a Rack, cabinet or even the design and implementation of a SITE with all the recommended features (false floor, physical ground, precision air, regulated and uninterrupted light, controlled access, fire control, etc.).
  • Physical and configuration improvements in the network, implementing data access controls in an organized manner, growing the current network and documenting the existing infrastructure.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, order and documentation of the network and communications and connectivity infrastructure.
  • Generates Better Speed in your WiFi / Voice Ip / CCTV Data Transfer
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